Coz za strata! buuu :-))))

Hey Mr. Teapotman, great and very deep thoughts you have presented to us. Have you figured out those things by yourself? Very impressive and very scientific!

I, as a average sheep who’s just lost a mohair beret, feel so down and depressed because of your harsh words. But at the same time it’s also very amazing that you know so much about me. You know thoroughly my inner mind, my education, my beliefs, maybe even my address and SIN number… Ah, right! You must be that bummer who used to live in my parents basement. An idle, worthless fellow, who is without any visible means of support. With only one good thing – a laptop from Salvation Army and WiFi connection stolen from your neighbors. Only science you know is methodology of scrubbing dishes and researches in garbage digology. For fun you do the dumpster diving spreading fear amongst rats and racoons ….

You’re too good for us. I cannot compare myself to you in any accounts.

Asteroida, ale ci sie oberwalo! Teraz to pewnie bedziesz mial koszmary po nocach, ze taki „przyjaciel” jak pan Spodeczkowy cie oposcil 🙂

Wyrazy wspolczucia…..

Ideałem dla starożytnych sceptyków był mędrzec, który uznaje, że nie wie, czy jest prawda, czy jej nie ma, ale nie przeszkadza mu to w jej poszukiwaniu.