Erratta co do wielkosci glowy

…wyglada na to, ze nawet nie koniecznie Neandertalczyk mial wieksza glowe. Zalezy z czym (kim) porownac. Znalazlam taka tabelke:

Comparison of Cranial Capacities range (cm3) average (cm3)


chimpanzees 300-500 —-

australopithecines 390-545 —-

Homo habilis 509-752 610

Homo erectus 750-1250 930

Homo heidelbergensis 1100-1390 1206

Neandertals 1 200-1750 1450

modern Homo sapiens 900-1880 1345


Note: There is a considerable range in body size among

modern Homo sapiens, including large numbers of small

people. Subsequently, the average brain size is smaller

than would initially seem likely. However, the average for

some modern populations (especially European and most

African ones) is slightly larger than that of Neandertals.